An organization dedicated to the pursuit of Model and High Power Rocketry
Directions from Unser and King
to the Launch Site

From King and Unser, drive 2.3 miles west on King Blvd to Rainbow.
(Note: There is a cattle crossing just before the stopsign at Rainbow. All roads turn to dirt and street signs become non-existent from this point forward. Here's a picture of the intersection looking west).

Continue straight on King Blvd. driving 1 mile west to Sheba. (Note: Sheba is the fifth road on your right and is exactly 1 mile...careful odometer use is encouraged).

Turn right on Sheba and drive .9 miles north to 8th Street. (Note: There is usually a significant difference between the road surface heights of King and Sheba. If you do not have a vehicle with high ground clearance, take the transition at an wheel at a time).

As you drive north on Sheba, you will cross a small arroyo just before the power lines. It may be necessary to take this crossing at an angle as well. You'll next cross under the power lines and shortly the road will make a 45 degree turn to the left. Continuing northwest, you will come to another 45 degree turn to the left. 8th Sreet is IMMEDIATELY after the turn.

Turn right on 8th Street and drive 1 block north to 45th Ave. (Note: 8th Street ends at 45th Ave. Our launch site is directly in front of you. You should be able to see our vehicles, trailers, and canopies as you come up 8th Street). Do a left-right jog to get into the parking lot.

And most importantly, enjoy your day!

Note: For those of you with GPS's, all the dirt roads should be in there with labels. Put your GPS in the Map mode and you should be able to drive right up to the launch site.