An organization dedicated to the pursuit of Model and High Power Rocketry

We meet the first Tuesday of the month. The meetings generally begin at 7 pm, members showing up half an hour or so ahead of time. We usually wrap by 8:45 pm, although we've been known to go later. See the Event Schedule for specific dates. The Home Page will have the location of the next club meeting.

We start our meetings by covering club business. These sessions vary in length based upon the amount and nature of business to be covered, but generally last around an hour. After finishing with club business, the meeting becomes much more informal: we generally stand around, chat, do a "show and tell" about something we're working on, share information about rockets we've brought, ask questions, and generally just hang around and have fun with our hobby. This usually lasts for about forty-five mintues to an hour (or until we get kicked out)!  :-)


The Albuquerque Rocket Society holds monthly launches year 'round (weather permitting). These launches are held on the second Saturday of every month, at our Site in Rio Rancho. See the Event Schedule for details. We typically launch from 8:00 or 9:00am to about 1:00pm. Please check the home page for starting times. If we have a cancellation due to weather we have a make-up launch day on the fourth Saturday of the month but check the main web page to be sure.

We have obtained a waiver from the FAA allowing us to use the airspace over Rio Rancho. This waiver ends at 4:00pm. The waiver allows flights to 15,000 ft AGL. Note: All flyers will be required to sign a Flight Card & Liability Waiver prior to launching any rockets at an ARS sponsored event. See the Launch Site page for launch site information and directions.

Note: All Albuquerque Rocket Society launches are conducted under the TRA Research Safety Code. This allows the full spectrum of rocketry for attendees of all ages and skill levels, including advanced level 2 and 3 high-power enthusiasts who enjoy making their own propellants. Please see the Tripoli Research Safety Code (click here) for further information.