An organization dedicated to the pursuit of Model and High Power Rocketry
Important Information
For Groups Wanting To Fly
At An ARS Launch

The Albuquerque Rocket Society launches are conducted by qualified members on a strictly volunteer basis. In order to ensure there are adequate resources to accommodate groups wishing to launch rockets on scheduled launch days at our Rio Rancho launch site, the following procedures must be followed:

1. A request to launch must be made to the Albuquerque Rocket Society a minimum of two weeks in advance by either calling or emailing one of the club officers. The requester must provide the group name, number of flyers, the desired launch date and time of arrival, a copy of the tour permit listing the names of each flyer, and a phone number where the requester can be reached.

2. Prior to launching each rocket, a flight card & waiver (available at the launch table) must be filled out and given to the Launch Control Officer. To save time at the launch, is requested that group flight cards and waivers be filled out in advance of arrival at the launch site. Two pdf's are available to accomplish this task. The flight card a waiver front can be found here and the back here. Please print the front, turn the paper over, and then print the back. There are four per page.

3. The Range Safety and Launch Control Officers are in charge of the Launch Site. Their instructions are to be followed to ensure that the range is operated in a safe manner.

4. Safety is a necessity. The groupís adult representatives are responsible for the supervision of the groupís attendees.

5. It is recommended that all adult representatives read the Newbies and Protocol pages prior to attending a launch. Included is a lot of good information for new participants.

Club Officer Contact Information: