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ARS 2020 Contests - Updated Mar 18

2020 ft AGL

Rules: Fly a rocket at any club launch with a commercial altimeter. The rocket closest to 2,020 feet wins. A club member must witness the flight and the altimeter reading. The flight qualifies as long as the altimeter is recovered, even if there is other damage to the rocket.
  • Junior Category: This category is open to anyone under 18 years of age at the time of the flight, even if they are not a club member.
  • Senior Category: This category is open to any club member. To be clear, it is allowed for a single flier who happens to be under 18 to claim both this prize and the Junior prize if the flight happens to beat all of the other senior entries!

Best altitude with Balsa fins

This contest is open to any club member.
  1. Any number of fins is allowed.
  2. Each fin must be constructed from a single piece of balsa no thinker than 0.125 inches.
  3. Glue fillets on the rocket body may extend a maximum of 0.25 inches from the body tube. If the fin is mounted through-the-wall, any adhesives may be used inside the outer body tube.
  4. No paint or any other treatment of the balsa wood is permitted, other than sanding or cutting the wood to shape.
  5. The rocket must stay within the Rio Rancho waiver and meet the TRA or NAR safety codes.
  6. Any rocket design and motor are permitted that use fins as the primary stabilizing feature (i.e. the rocket must need fins to be stable).

Most Altitude Records

This contest is open to any club member.
  1. Each new club record needs to be 5% higher than the previous record.
  2. Each record should be witnessed by a club member.
  3. One point is awarded for participants over 18, two points to participants under 18.
  4. The most points accumulated by the conclusion of the November launch wins.
Note: There is nothing in the rules that prevents a person from breaking their own record and scoring twice in the same engine class.

ARS Contest Results