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ARS 2018 Contests - Updated Jan 10

Contest Number One: Sandia Challenge

The winner would be a club member that flies his/her rocket closest to the difference of the height of Sandia Peak minus our launch site altitude. Sandia Peak is 10,679 feet and our launch site according to Google Earth is 5,868 feet. So any rocket, with any motor, closest to 4,811 feet. This would include going over 4,811 feet. Measurement of the altitude would have to be from a commercially available altimeter and the launch would have to be announced before the flight as being part of the contest. The recorded altitude would have to be reported to another club member for verification the same day.

The contest is a one-time buy in of $20 for an adult and $10 for a junior. Winner takes the pot. The pot will also be a minimum of $200. In the event that there are not enough entries to cover the minimum pot amount the club will cover the difference. The contest will run from the first launch in February, 2017 to the last launch in November, 2017. The prize will be awarded at the December/Holiday/Raffle meeting.

Contest Number Two: C Motor SuperRoc Competition

1. Build a rocket that is at least 125 cm from the tip of the nose to the base of the motor. You get extra points for longer rockets, up to a maximum of 250 cm.

2. Fly the rocket and track it. For our event, we will ask you to use a commercial altimeter, since we are not set up for accurate optical tracking. If you need a loaner altimeter, get in touch with Bill Beggs or another club member.

3. The rocket must fly in a safe manner. An entry that comes apart, bends so as to crimp the body, or has a similar structural failure prior to ejection shall be disqualified. A model rocket shall be so constructed as to be capable of more than a single flight; and shall be provided with a means for retarding its descent to the ground so that its structure may not be substantially damaged, and so that no hazard is created to persons and property. If a model descends in more than one unattached part, each part must conform to the above.

4. Multiply the length of your rocket in cm by the altitude in meters. This is your score.

The high score wins!

Your launch must be witnessed by another club member. There is no entry fee. There will be a prize, to be determined by Bill Beggs. The contest starts with the February launch and ends with the November launch. Winners and prizes will be announced at the December club meeting.

The full rules and details are straight from the NAR Pink Book, which you can find here. Whereas the NAR rules cover several motor sizes, our contest will be for C motors only.

Contest Number Three: Fastest Rocket


Contest Number Four: 1/4 Mile Challenge


Contest Number Five: TARC

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