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Cesaroni Information

Motor Selection, Dimensions and Instructions:

Pro24 Motor Selection

Pro29 Motor Selection   Pro29 Case Dimensions   Pro29 Instructions

Pro38 Motor Selection   Pro38 Case Dimensions   Pro38 Instructions   Pro38 Spacer Instructions

Pro54 Motor Selection   Pro54 Case Dimensions   Pro54 Instructions   Pro54 Spacer Instructions

Pro75 Motor Selection   Pro75 Case Dimensions   Pro75 Instructions

Pro98 Motor Selection   Pro98 Case Dimensions   Pro98 Instructions

Pro150 Motor Selection   Pro150 Case Dimensions

Cesaroni Dealers

RockSim Motor Files:

After downloading the appropriate file, click on Open Folder and note where the download ended up. Run RockSim, select File/Reload engine data, and note where RockSim is looking for the engine files. Then move the data file to the same folder.

Run the RockSim program and select "File/Reload engine data..."
(the new file should show under "Available engine files").

Next, find the old Cesaroni (CTI) engine file under "Selected engine files" and remove it by clicking
on the "<=== Remove" button.  Then under "Available engine files", select the new file and add it by clicking on the "Add ===>" button.  Click OK to return to the RockSim main page.

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