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2010 Launch Reports

Rio Rancho Launch, January 9th, 2010

Good launch today—at least 10 cars of people, with several new folks “just checking things out”. The weather was great for the rocket flights—low winds and very little cloud cover. It was a little cold for the people launching the rockets in the early morning, but warmed up to the 30’s by noon. With 26 flights ranging in impulse from A to I, everyone had a good time. The most exciting flight was Bob Finch’s 10” Priority Stealth on a Pro29 I224.

Motor breakout was:

A: 2 B: 3
C: 4 D: 1
E: 2 F: 5
G:3 H: 3
I: 3 J: 0
Total Flights: 26
Total Motor Count: 26

Rio Rancho Launch, February 13th, 2010

Despite the wind, we had a pretty good launch, with 9 flights ranging from A to H.

Bdale Garbee was visiting from southern Colorado, and flew his developmental electronics package in his “G-Spot” rocket. Bdale has built a single electronic device that combines a dual-deploy altimeter with accelerometer and barometric sensors, a GPS receiver, and a 10 mW radio transmitter. He calls it the “TeleMetrum V0.2”. Look for it to reach the market pretty soon. Here is a link for more information.

Motor breakout was:

A: 1 B: 1
C: 1 D: 0
E: 1 F: 1
G: 2 H: 2
Total Flights: 9
Total Motor Count: 9

Rio Rancho Launch, March 13th, 2010

It was a beautiful day with lots of flyers and guests, with 45 flights ranging from A to M.

Motor breakout was:

A: 13 B: 9
C: 10 D: 4
E: 4 F: 0
G: 0 H: 2
I: 1 J: 1
K: 0 L: 0
M: 1 N: 0
Total Flights: 45
Total Motor Count: 9

Rio Rancho Launch, April 10th, 2010

It was another gorgeous day. Sunny, 75 degrees, and no wind!
There was a nice crowd, with 28 flights ranging from A to M.

Motor breakout was:

A: 1 B: 5
C: 2 D: 1
E: 2 F: 4
G: 3 H: 3
I: 4 J: 1
K: 1 L: 0
M: 1 N: 0
Total Flights: 28
Total Motor Count: 12

Rio Rancho Launch, May 8th, 2010

Another great day of launching in New Mexico! Most of the state was under a wind advisory but it seemed to stay away from our launch area and pretty much stayed in the 0 to 5 mph range for the entire launch. We had a total of 32 flights using a total of 34 motors and they ranged all the way from A to K and seemed to be a pretty good balance of everything.

The memorable flights of the day went to Kevin Small who was testing his brand new Featherweight Raven altimeter. Kevin likes to use the same rocket, multiple times and had a few good H launches but with an I on the same rocket pushed the stability just out of range and his rocket did a little bit of sky writing. Bill Beggs was able to launch a HyperTek hybrid J295 in his Binder Design "Raptor" with the help of Ken Goldstein's new launch controller using DTMF to control the fill and launch of the rocket. The rocket did get hung up on the pad and eventually burned enough of the fill stem to break lose. It did make it all the way to 2,301 feet. The new launch system was pretty much a success and it's nice to see the hybrids getting some more flight time.

The highest flight of the day went to Bill Beggs with his Performance Rocketry "Intimidator 3" on a CTI K1200. It ripped off the pad and made it all the way to 10,224 feet and was recovered about a mile away. Paul Morgan also had a great flight with his two-stage Big Bertha. Paul didn't recover the upper stage right away but the diligence of Steve Nelson wandering the desert for a little while was able to recover it intact. Paxton Lammey also had some really great flights with his porta potty rocket even though the "F" motor proved a bit much for the fins to stay on. Bob Finch also impressed the crowd with his pyramid on a J90. Lots of smoke and a nice low flight. The most amount of flight goes to Bill Beggs with a total of 8.

Thanks goes out to Jim Jewell for taking some awesome photos of this past weekend's launch!

Motor breakout was:

A: 5 B: 4
C: 3 D: 3
E: 4 F: 2
G: 3 H: 4
I: 3 J: 2
K: 1 L: 0
M: 0 N: 0
Total Flights: 32
Total Number of Motors: 34

Rio Rancho Launch, Jun 12th, 2010

It was fairly windy for this month's event, limiting the launches to lower altitude flights. The turnout, never-the-less, was very good...lots of members showed up. Congratulations to Joe Bishop for his L1 Cert flight on an H90.

Motor breakout was:

A: 1 B: 0
C: 0 D: 3
E: 4 F: 3
G: 0 H: 1
I: 0 J: 0
K: 1 L: 0
M: 0 N: 0
Total Flights: 11
Total Number of Motors: 13

Rio Rancho Launch, Jul 10th, 2010

Another nice launch day! We were joined by a cub scout pack, accounting for our heavy "A" and "B" motor usage.

Motor breakout was:

A: 10 B: 53
C: 8 D: 4
E: 3 F: 2
G: 6 H: 2
I: 2 J: 0
K: 0 L: 0
M: 0 N: 0
Total Flights: 90
Total Number of Motors: 90

Rio Rancho Launch, Aug 14th, 2010

It was a gorgeous day for flying and we had some really nice flights!

Nathan flew his 38 Special on a J595 Blue Streak to 7300'. The data for his flight is here. Congratulations to Mark Bender for his L2 Cert flight with his LOC Caliper ISP on a J530. It pushed 36 g's, hit 1162 ft/s (Mach 1.04), and reached 7398' in altutude. His data plot is here.

Motor breakout was:

A: 2 B: 2
C: 1 D: 3
E: 2 F: 3
G: 5 H: 1
I: 1 J: 2
K: 0 L: 0
M: 0 N: 0
Total Flights: 21
Total Number of Motors: 22

Thrust in the Dust, Sep 4 & 5th, 2010

TITD was really fun this year! There were numerous excellent flights, and a lot of interest was shown by the visiting public! Congratulations to Jim Jewell on his successful TRA Level 3 flight!

Motor breakout for Saturday, Sep 4 was:

A: 22 B: 14
C: 5 D: 9
E: 9 F: 5
G: 2 H: 4
I: 3 J: 5
K: 3 L: 1
M: 2 N: 0
Total Flights: 82
Total Number of Motors: 84

Motor breakout for Sunday, Sep 5 was:

A: 26 B: 11
C: 15 D: 2
E: 3 F: 2
G: 1 H: 5
I: 2 J: 1
K: 2 L: 0
M: 0 N: 0
Total Flights: 70
Total Number of Motors: 70

Rio Rancho Launch, Oct 9th, 2010

Another beautiful launch day with a very good turnout!
Congratulations to John Williams for his successful L1 Cert flight with his patriotic red, white, and blue LOC rocket on an H210!

Motor breakout was:

A: 3 B: 15
C: 10 D: 3
E: 6 F: 2
G: 1 H: 1
I: 3 J: 1
K: 1 L: 0
M: 0 N: 0
Total Flights: 44
Total Number of Motors: 46

Rio Rancho Launch, Nov 13th, 2010

Once again, a great launch day. There were scores of scouts and students and some super flights by club members. The flight of the day was Nathan's Iris-Thumper on a long burn M1010 hybrid.

Motor breakout was:

A: 67 B: 16
C: 32 D: 4
E: 0 F: 0
G: 2 H: 2
I: 0 J: 1
K: 1 L: 0
M: 1 N: 0
Total Flights: 125
Total Number of Motors: 126

Rio Rancho Launch, Dec 11th, 2010

Turnout was light, as was expected. The winds came up at about 9:30 am limiting the attendees to a few low level flights.

Motor breakout was:

A: 1 B: 2
C: 2 D: 1
E: 0 F: 0
G: 1 H: 0
I: 0 J: 0
K: 0 L: 0
M: 0 N: 0
Total Flights: 7
Total Number of Motors: 7