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2007 Launch Reports

Rio Rancho Launch, November 10th 2007

It was a beautiful clear and calm November day and the temperature was in the high 60's to low 70's. Bill Beggs flew a small RATT H70 hybrid as well as his Giant Leap Elipse on a H999 Warp 9 motor. Nathan Dalrymple also flew his Merlin on a CTI K1200 motor that was a pretty awesome flight. Lots of smoke. Tony Jaramillo also flew his Yellow and Black V-2 on an H motor.

Motor breakout was:

A: 0 B: 0
C: 4 D: 4
E: 6 F: 2
G: 1 H: 4
I: 1 J: 0
K: 1 L: 0
Total Flights: 23