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2003 Launch Reports

Rio Rancho Launch, January 25th 2003

Our first launch of the year was on our alternate weekend. It was a little cold but that didn't deter quite a few folks from coming out and launching rockets. There were interesting flights in all power ranges. The Hypertek guys seemed to have a lot more trouble this time than last month (except for Tony). We finally got to see one of those I65 motors, they burn a long time ..... All in all it was a nice start to 2003.

Motor breakout was:

A: 7 B: 8
C: 13 D: 8
E: 0 F: 4
G: 4 H: 5
I: 2 J: 2
K: 0  
Total Flights: 53

Rio Rancho Launch, February 22nd, 2003

Our delayed February launch went well but with a small crowd. Some very nice flights including successful Hypertek flights from Ken! Two flights with the I-65 motors resulted in long searches for the rockets (were they ever found?). Those motors burn and burn and burn... Congratulations to new club member Kyle Foster who certified level 1 with an H123.

Motor breakout was:

A: 0 B: 1
C: 5 D: 1
E: 0 F: 1
G: 0 H: 4
I: 5 J: 1
K: 0  
Total Flights: 18

Rio Rancho Launch, March 8th 2003

In spite of a little wind we had a nice March launch. Good turnout with quite a few spectators. It was one of the warmest days so far this year. Ken flew another of those long burning I-65's. He was still looking for it when the launch was over. Kyle had a 3-E cluster that appeared to have one of the motors go through the rocket which caused some interesting aerodynamics. Even Denzil made it up from "down south" to join us for this month's launch, and yes he flew a rocket. Dennis had a terrific Hypertek flight that took off like a, well, like a rocket!

Motor breakout was:

A: 1 B: 5
C: 11 D: 4
E: 1 (3) F: 2
G: 6 H: 1
I: 5 J: 2
K: 0  
Total Flights: 38